Comment: I bet 10,000 FRNs that the

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I bet 10,000 FRNs that the

I bet 10,000 FRNs that the people cheer leading this "demonstration" will not even attend it.

They will sit back on their couches and wave their flags while posting on this website.

When the march turns bad......and it will....they will cry for all the people arrested and probably shot.

The world wont know anything about it.

The nation wont do anything about it.

The people wont rise up in anger.

It will just bring more oppression for veterans and lawfully armed citizens.

This march is a bad idea and will only bring more tyranny, not freedom.

This thread is just a opposing view of all you people who will not even GO to the march.

So many cowards, monday quarterbacks, and message board bullies on here.