Comment: I can't speak for everyone, but...

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I can't speak for everyone, but...

I am a Ron Paul SUPPORTER, not a Ron Paul worshiper, like you.

"depict his supporters"
"no matter how much damage it does to the liberty movement"

You're in the "It's all about reputation" camp. Not only that, but apparently perfectly content with "them" deciding what constitutes a good reputation and what constitutes a bad reputation. If the media drove it home nightly that 2+2=5 and anyone who disagreed was a kook, then you'd mindlessly chastise folks here who preached 2+2=4, because it's all about what the others will think of us.

"Adam said everyone in the liberty movement should be atheists even though Ron Paul is a devoted Christian"

Sigh. You're really not kidding here are you?