Comment: people like ron paul, because

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people like ron paul, because

people like ron paul, because he spread the message, people like kokesh because he also is getting that message out, like it or not, its likely kokesh will reach people ron cant, but hopefully open the door to being more willing to listen to what ron is saying.


Im getting sick and tired of folks like you persuming WAY to much in what goes on in other peoples heads when it comes to kokesh, heres a little taste of it

"Im sick and tired of folks who say they believe in liberty, yet when liberty is clearly being violated, regardless of how you feel about the person, their all of a sudden a neocon, he deserves it, my opinion is the only opinion, ill call you what i like, because you think a certain way"

Heres another, you are controlled opposition to the march

I really dont give a damn if you are or if your not, i dont accuse you, i try to give a taste of your own medicine, assuming you believe in liberty, to maybe make you aware

ITS NOT NICE, well, that is if you trully believe in liberty....and if you accept the circumstances of kokesh's arrest, regardless if you like the fella, then dont complain about similar arrests, under similar circumstances....because your obviously alright with it

STOP bleeming focusing on the man, and focus on the message.....

edit. i realise that was strongly opinionated, i apologies for loosing my ettiquette in the face of buttons being pushed, i might not like what you have to say, but i'd rather there be debates then not, i guess sometimes those debates will be heated....just to be clear, i dont accuse you of anything, im just saying, whether your aware of it or not, i see similarities, i might, and certainly could be wrong, i will never rule out that fact