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Comment: Nothing I have seen in

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Nothing I have seen in

Nothing I have seen in numerous past viewings of Adam's videos and speeches has given me any indication that Adam is not sincere or righteous. I don't agree with every word out of Adam's mouth, but most. I understand that a real armed march on DC could end up very bad and lead to many bad things for the Liberty movement.

The most important aspect of the build up to the date of this operation is to make visual to our government employees, that we are dead serious in our intent to stop the Tyranny of the federal government that's putting us on the road to national destruction and hardship, and we're not going to take it much longer.

Perhaps the groups intending to march should have armed practice marches in local towns on weekends leading up to the march date as part of the psychological operation.

On the actual date of the march, have all marchers carry plywood AR-15 cutouts of rifles to march with. Make this announcement quietly to marchers and disclose the only thing that will be carried by marchers that 4th of July day will be the plywood AR-15 cutouts painted black and can have customized designs. Make the plywood fake firearms announcement public in a press release just days before. Video all marchers to confirm they are not carrying lethal weapons as evidence in case anything happens. This demonstration can be framed as a readiness Drill, and could add thousands in numbers of marchers.

This is just my get out of jail free idea, saves face, and nobody gets killed this time.