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I can respect that opinion,

I can respect that opinion, i cant deny its possibility, but i think folks have to remind folks, although we come together in certain subjects, a common goal, does not mean we are a collective.....we are all individuals, with our own seperate ideals, we may not agree 100% with one another, and that is most definatly fine with me, as long as we all believe in the same foundations

its okay to say i support the message, but i dont particularly trust nor believe in kokesh, i can only speak for myself, but i'd hold NOTHING against ya

Just one quick note....we are upset about the ARREST, the march is a completly different subject, a subject that has not happened yet, may not happen, and plans can change.....but first lets not get ahead of ourselves, focus on the now, which is the questionable arrest, talking negatively of kokesh right now, respectfully, due to the planned march, which is okay by me, in a time when the subject is his arrest, sends mixed signals, and the reason for the heated debates i think

No ill will intended, i hope you dont take it as such