Comment: Ron Paul destroyed the liberty movement.

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Ron Paul destroyed the liberty movement.

His "turn the other cheek" approach in abandoning his supporters to fraud,physical abuse and kidnapping is despicable.

Adam has been videoed risking real physical harm. Are you saying his fellow arrestee, Mr. Poe, lied when he said Adam was in "solitary confinement"? Even if he were not, to be incarcerated in a federal corrections facility is no picnic.

Yeah, I have known "narcissistic Marines, too". They were all liberals and cowards, unless they had a squad to back them up. Adam called for overthrow of the US government by state secession, using deadly force if necessary, while he was still being held by the criminals he told us to overthrow.

I have not known too many brave men in my life. Only four come to mind, Brigadier General Charles (Chuck) Yeager, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Norman Finkelstein and Adam Kokesh. Yes, I do plan to participate on the "march on Atlanta), carrying a 12 gauge riot gun with 18 rounds of ammunition in a bandolier and six in the weapon. I'll probably also carry a sidearm. I'll be on a mobility scooter, so I'll be easy to spot and you and anyone else interested know where to find me and, if I am accosted in any way, we will see who is "braindead".