Comment: Death is an illusion, even with animals.

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Death is an illusion, even with animals.

I feel for your loss, but it is only temporary; and, as long as you have love in your heart Zephyr, no one can take her away from you.

My wife and I were blessed enough to be adopted by two extremely loving strays. Fat Louie, a Siamese mix, and Fluffy, a Maine coon. Fat Louie saw us sitting on the patio, with the door slightly ajar, pulled the door open and let himself in. Three months later, Fluffy, whom someone had cruelly declawed and abandoned, followed Fat Louie in.

I've come to the conclusion that cats adopt you, not the other way around; if you must have one other than a stray, please pick one who comes to you right away. I honestly believe they are the purest, most beautiful creates on God's great Earth.