Comment: It's not about who's "not smart" or "dumb"

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It's not about who's "not smart" or "dumb"

It's about not trying to sneak drugs into rehab. For too many, the msm has a heroine-like effect that they can't seem to control, and that hurts all of us at election time. As for those for whom it does NOT have that effect...It's about inspiring those others by example. Then uniting cohesively against those with bad intentions. Trying something new.

"I agree that most of the programming that you're referring to is garbage, but it's not a good idea to try to discourage people from any kind of information for any reason."

Sounds great. But our election history says otherwise. If the majority of people demonstrated an ability to reach out to MULTIPLE sources for this information then I'd agree. But since they don't, I don't agree. There are drug addicts, you know? Not everyone is that strong.

"If the people are as dumb as you seem to think they are, then the habit of shutting down certain avenues of information from prejudice is probably more dangerous than believing what they hear from the likes of Sean Hannity."

How do you figure "probably?" I would guess probably less dangerous. How is discouraging (even forbidding) someone from subjecting themself to a manipulative source PROBABLY more dangerous than if, as a response to that absence, they sought information elsewhere, from a more neutral, non-agenda-driven, open (albeit wild west) source like the internet?

My mom never allowed us to have junk food. Didn't even allow it in the house. So what did I do? I ate healthy food. It works. Maybe not for everyone. But it's worth a shot. Or, of course, we could try another moneybomb! But this time really really mean it. make it a whopper!!

Seriously, I believe quitting the manipulative media cold turkey is our only shot, and it's the only thing that we haven't tried (or been able to pull off).