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Not really

I didn't see anything clever about it. People do this all the time. Nothing special about it. I do things like this when I'm try to bust somebodies chops; especially if I'm trying to score points with an audience and get my point out on top. Not saying they did that with everyone listening.
One thing that I hear often on Hannity, and Huckabee very often is association(that's what I call it), the most common being that they discuss some horrendous event that happened to America, and after harping on it a bit, in almost the same breath they'll start talking about "our good friends and ally, Israel" and the daily suffering they endure...etc., etc., etc....When I hear it, I'm wondering " how many dummies just heard that and bought it without realizing what just happened?
Bottom line is that these guys are just jive talking, BS artists, and this is just the silly, crude strategy they employ. Again, nothing really clever about; at least not to me. The sad part is, that even being so crude, there are a lot of idiots out there that fall for it everyday, all day.