Comment: Right on. How disgraceful.

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Right on. How disgraceful.

One of my beefs with illegal immigration, amnesty, etc.:

Favoritism is not cool.

One group (Mexicans) receives favoritism simply because of their proximity to our country and the ease by which they pass through our borders. And they stomp up an down the streets from time to time, demanding citizenship. Unreal! What other groups behave nowadays in such spoiled, entitled, dishonorable, and childish fashion?

Plus, the bilingual (only) signage is wack. All official signage should be in English only, or else it should include EVERY SINGLE LANGUAGE SPOKEN BY ANYONE IN THIS COUNTRY. It's all or nothing, folks. No more favoritism!

There is an equality issue here people seem to wish to ignore... surprise surprise.

(Not that it matters either way, but I have Mexican friends who agree with this, too, as unbelievable as that may sound... because they are just and righteous people.)

What would the Founders do?