Comment: I agree the VA system is broken.

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I agree the VA system is broken.

I have been going to the VA for years. My father suffers from PST from Vietnam. He is a great father and successful business man on his meds. He is a violent, unreasonable and manic person off of his meds. The VA buildings always have construction going on but never enough doctors. The last time my father needed his medication renewed it was over 4 months before he could get in to see a doctor. He was out of medication for about two weeks at this time. I could give 20 other examples of inadequacy in the VA. The crazy thing is they tell him to walk into the emergency room if he can't get an appointment. Just walk into the ER like a Mexican one receptionist told him. Like that is the good solution. The mexican problem and the VA problem are separate and should be looked on as such. I will always put myself in the illegals shoes and I would walk across that boarder for a chance at better life for my family so I can't fault them. Crossing the boarder illegally is an act of civil disobedience.