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That depends and is a bit of a false choice.

That makes the assumption that what Adam is doing will have a net positive effect. It won't, it will be a net negative, losing people that may have been on the fence, but get pushed onto the wrong side by these tactics.

I would argue that Adam doing nothing for liberty would be superior to what he is about to do.

Would Adam getting arrested/killed make average people stand up? No. Would it make me want to do more? Certainly not. There have been a number of political prisoners such as Irwin Schiff that already serve to motivate me in my efforts.

The killing of brown people all over the world by our tyrannical government motivates me.

The million evil things that our government does daily, beating, abusing, torturing and killing in my name -without- my permission, funded by my money that is stolen from me, motivates me.

Adam appears as an aggressor in this, no matter what he says, so that is not motivation for me or any average people, and certainly not most anarchists who are already committed.

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