Comment: I have a couple family members who deal with this

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I have a couple family members who deal with this

One has to go under the knife of a surgeon who almost killed him with incompetence once. They are surgeries he could still get without insurance because they are life-saving and those get scheduled one way or another. But because he's a vet, the hospitals say he has other options and he has to go to that hack. And everything that hack does leaves him with scar tissue that a better surgeon would be ashamed of, which means he has to get the surgery over and over again.

Another needed an urgent brain scan and was turned away from a local hospital because he was a vet and had other options. Again, it would have been provided out of mercy had he not been a vet. He had to go on a waiting list to get it through the VA, worsening the whole time and risking sudden death.

This isn't saying anything about who should or shouldn't provide what. This is just a description of the way vets get filtered in our society so their medical treatment ends up worse than if they weren't vets.

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