Comment: Great detective work.

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Great detective work.

Thanks for the informative communication.

You wrote:

"She ran on with a party committed to socialism."

That was written after you wrote:

"Cindy Sheehan is a socialist who wants a single payer medical system."

Ron Paul ran a Presidential campaign as a Libertarian. That resulted in the same result as my own campaign to gain the power of a seat in the U.S. Congress as a Libertarian.

Ron Paul won campaigns as a Republican.

Ron Paul is a person.

Ron Paul is a medical doctor of proven competency, with or without a license.

If I call Ron Paul a Republican, to me, that is false, to me, that is name calling, because Ron Paul is connected to a group of people called Republicans, and that group of people include such people as the torturing mass murderer George W. Bush.

Ron Paul is not guilty of all the bad things done by all the evil people who are also Republicans.

"Cindy Sheehan is a socialist who wants a single payer medical system."

Wanting a single payer medial system damns the person Cindy Sheehan?

Yes, no, maybe, as to me you might as well say that Cindy Sheehan is Adolph Hitler, Josef Megele, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao all rolled up into one woman who happened to travel the path she did, in the world as it exists.

"I am just reading her party platform:..."

I did not such thing. I read the words spoken by the woman, and the words published by the woman, and I quoted from some of those words I read, and what you are doing, as far as I can tell, is falsely blaming that one women, guilt by association, for her connection to other people in a group of people where some of the people in that group have power over what is done in the name of that group, such as publishing the "party" platform.

Cindy Sheehan is guilty because she is connected to those people, and to me she is guilty because she uses Federal Reserve Notes.

Guilty of what?

If her goal is to stop aggressive wars for profit, so that another mother does not have to lose their son for liars who pay themselves well, and along the way she is misdirected, and incapable of finding a way to direct herself better, then that is one thing.

On the other hand, as far as my limited understanding goes, that person distanced herself from the bad guys in the groups that included bad guys, and that is why I offered the specific quote I offered. Bad guys become bad guys because bad guys do bad things, not because they are connected to bad buys who do bad things.

Is it bad, or good, to be connected to bad guys?

If a bad guy shows up at the door demanding a coat, do you blame the loss of the first coat on the victim who has to give up the coat, or an arm, or an eye, or a coat?

If the victim of the robbery of a coat gives up two coats, or everything the victim has, for as long as the slave can keep on paying, for the rest of the slaves life, without resistance of any kind, does that then constitute responsibility accurately accounted on the slave who generously gives all to the criminals because the criminals ask for a coat, or a son, or a daughter, or fingernails?

I am not demanding that you do anything other than staying safe, raising children well, and nothing more, and if you can stay out of harms way, then my suggestion is to do so, and do so better, and better, than anyone else. I hope you can understand that to be true, please do stay out of harms way.

What I am saying is that some people find reason to resist, peacefully, to resist giving the criminals any more power, not another coat, not another son, not another daughter, not another fingernail, not another cheek.

I am right now trying to listen to Episode 1, again, and I have to turn that off to finish this since the guy speaking just made the claim that the "authorities" are insane. I agree, but I'm not sure about what I heard, so I will have to start over.

No problem.

I'd rather offer what I think is a competitive perspective, and I'd rather here your competitive perspective, while I can.

I can listen to that Episode 1 later.

"Yes, when they show up at the door, I suppose I will hand them my coat, but my real thought is that I will run and make them shoot me in the back."

What people think is right and what people do, in desperation, are not necessarily the same thing.

"I think our country is being taken down from within. Honestly, I am not sure what side you are on. I like alot of your words and you have taught me much, but whenever I bring up the word Socialist or socialism you seem to knee jerk. Why?"

What I seem to do, and what I do, may not be the same thing.

You made the claim that Cindy Sheehan IS a Socialist, and to me that is no different in principle than your complain about someone using the F Bomb on you, and so I said so, and that was not a Knee Jerk reaction, that was routine.

You falsely blame collectively when responsibility is individual.

You do that routinely. I have consistently replied in a way that intends to accomplish the goal of either proving that I am wrong, or that you are wrong, when an individual is being blamed for the actions of a group.

What exactly did Cindy Sheehan do that was wrong?

She willfully connected to a group where a few people in that group are very evil people, very deceptive evil people, whose goal is to cause injury to innocent targeted victims.

The stone you threw at Cindy Sheehan, and I'm not stupid either, is the same stones thrown at you, and you don't appreciate it, so why do it to Cindy Sheehan?

Now you are claiming that I Jerk my Knee?

Now you are doubting which side I am on?

Good for you; are your claims true, and are your doubts founding in facts?

What have I done to place me on the wrong side?

We use Federal Reserve Notes, and to me that is an irrefutable accounting of our guilt in our willfully being Socialists, and I don't mean the definition that defines socialism as a study of society.

"Do you know what "they" do with the useful idiots? Supposedly those useful idiots know too much. They along with the intellectuals are cleansed from the population. At least that is what I have understood from the things that I have read and watched."

Death arrives when it does, and I've learned a thing from you. I fear evil,and so I look in the mirror for the source of my fears.

I admit, often enough, that I may have that misunderstood too.

"You are the one that linked me to a Chavez clip and shots were fired on a peaceful demonstration? Those people were lead into harms way if I remember right, and if I remember right, they were lead that way ON PURPOSE. Who was their leader?"

There are two versions of that accounting, if we are speaking about the same thing, and in one version the leaders of that massacre were Republicans from U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) also known as The Dollar Hegemony, and in the other version, as far as my judgement goes, the victims were blamed.

We both can be wrong, and I am wrong enough to admit that I am wrong in any case. When I see a way to resist that is what I do, because that is what I think is right, despite my history of being wrong often. I won't be turning the other cheek if I have the power to resist, and disconnect, and stop the flow of power flowing to those who prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the power they steal is used to steal more from their targeted innocent victims.