Comment: Terrible manners

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Terrible manners

My comments were meant for "Even if Voting", I meant to post as a reply to the comments below...No, I did not down-vote you, but I will say this...
WOW, Have we degraded to the 6th grade?
Didn't your momma teach you any manners?
Out of RESPECT for Dr. Paul you should be careful what you say about his family, especially his son, who's following in his footsteps running for President.
As a politician he's got to be "tactful" in what he does and say, he seems to be very supportive of the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution as a whole, which is a lot more than most candidates over the past few decades. Maybe he's trying to get a jump on Texas Governor Perry, I hear he's still thinking about giving it another go.
Why are you on this forum if you dislike Dr. Paul's son so much?
Out of respect for the good Doctor you should be a little more tactful on this forum.
Get over it already.