Comment: I unsubbed from him a while back when he started bashing Ron.

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I unsubbed from him a while back when he started bashing Ron.

Once in a while when you folks post something interesting from him I click and watch, but I don't share some of his ideas or opinions.

However, the speech he made in D.C. back during the Revolution March was epic, and on the scale of the kind of speech coming from our founders. This was the speech that really put him on the map, it was awesome, and I still love it to this day. "The real enemies of the constitution can not be found in some far off distant lands, but rather RIGHT HERE AT HOME!" That rules!

So, while I think since then he's gotten too out there for me, (I'm not a DMT smoking Ron Paul bashing anarchist), I do genuinely believe he means well, that he is willing to sacrifice for the cause of liberty and freedom, and that he still has great potential to make more positive contributions than I can.

The armed march on D.C. is not one of them. Not a bad idea, but the country would not follow Adam Kokesh across that bridge. If an armed march on D.C. was to happen, it would require a more galvanizing figure to bring together people from all over the nation, coming from various political backgrounds and beliefs but shared a mutual interest in serving notice to .gov that we shall not allow any further infringements.

I applaud his efforts, but question his tactics and decision making. I don't think it does any good to express ones self with shock, disdain, or hatred for him because of this. He'll make some good contributions now and then, and other times he'll make an ass out of himself. Who doesn't? That's life!