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Comment: This reply is so comical ....

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This reply is so comical ....

because there is an admission one must look at a specific code or statute to determine who or what it applies to and why. Do you know what that means? That means it doesn't apply to anyone or everyone at anytime but then you further state "the fraudulent idea that statutes and codes don't apply or are optional." Do you know what is so damn comical about it? By your own admission a statute or code does not apply to some people or things at some times.

Do you know what "you have to look at the code or statute" means? It means a code or statute applies to a specific activity in a specific jurisdiction. One must then ask what constitutes an activity and what constitutes a jurisdiction?

In another thread you made a big deal about the notion law applies to people who elect their representatives, yet now you are saying something completely different in that one must look at a specific code or statute. You are a joke. These things are not complicated but people such as yourself who use doublespeak can't explain the simple truth. A code or statute justly applies to one who chooses to be governed by it in order to receive a gain or benefit while engaging in a specific activity.