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Comment: The banks would love that..

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The banks would love that..

They would love to see the streets flooded in paper. It would give them the opportunity to fire up the printing presses like never before and rip folks off of their purchasing power.

If you think about the theft that happened in Cyprus and the motivations behind it, you may find it reasonable to conclude that the EU wanted to scare "capital" out of the banking system and in to the economy to provide liquidity that could then be taxed many times in the market.

Banks don't give a crap about your deposits sitting in the bank because they have access to an unlimited supply of the funny money. If the paper is out on the streets, it is the perfect opportunity to devalue it by printing more. Never forget that banks were already "wealthy" when they began their "business", they already "owned" everything, their business now is maintaining their financial superiority.

Using your paper fiat currency to buy gold and silver does not benefit banks because it has intrinsic value and if they try to manipulate the value of what you are holding, they need to extract paper funny money from the market witch in turn hurts their speculative efforts in making a profit on credit schemes and bubble creations.

That is how I see it and let me say that I am no expert on this matter.


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