Comment: I'm going to start an anti-petition petition

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I'm going to start an anti-petition petition

I will petition against this petition and we will petition for more petitions to be petitioned to stop future petitions from being made. And absolutely nothing will come of it.

While I'm 'iffy' on Adam, I support his general idea. People keep saying "the founders would be spinning in their graves if they saw what we put up with"...only to turn around and say "Oh, we're not there yet".

At best, we're faced with a government that is openly hostile toward a large and growing segment of the American public, not to mention just about everyone else in the world. Eventually, the rest of the world is going to get tired of the American people sitting on their hands while 'our' government continues to destroy everything and everyone it comes in contact with, and I doubt that'd be any less ugly.

edit: I just don't see anything wrong with an armed SECOND AMENDMENT protest; it is our right. Yeah, some "agent provocateur" could do something stupid, but that's like people worrying that a "terrorist" might be on their next flight. It's little more than fear-mongering and paranoia.

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