Comment: It is amazing how much things

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It is amazing how much things

It is amazing how much things have changed since 9/11. I was just watching a family movie from almost 20 years ago. The language was so different. Those were the times when the words "I'm gonna' kill you" meant nothing really. It was so innocent. If a child says that in a school now, they get sent home only if they are lucky. Nowadays, they are forced to speak to a school counselor. Everything is so crazy turned upside-down. And people who used to understand that the 2nd amendment was non-negotiable now can't even say the word gun in some places. I know someone who worked in a preschool and the director nearly freaked out every time a 3-year-old would make a crude "gun" out of legos. I completely respect the right to keep and bear arms. And I actually do respect Kokesh's courage. But the one hunch I am having is that something bad is going to happen (without a doubt) because we already know that this federal govt won't hesitate to lie, cheat, steal, kill, or engage in false flags. This one is going to be bad because I believe without a doubt that they will put someone in to fire the first shot and the government is going to use this as a false flag to bear down on anyone who believes in what this country was founded on. Mark my words.