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Comment: you know what I personally miss hearing the most, PRE-9/11 vs.

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you know what I personally miss hearing the most, PRE-9/11 vs.


"... Hey, it's a free country." - when my American brethren said that in jest, and meant it, knowing despite all our ups and downs in the Republic's history, we truly were, relatively speaking, 'free' to free-ish.

Now, I NEVER hear anyone saying it, unless they 100% mean it sarcastically.

But in someways, I suppose that realization means that at least those I've come in contact with in my travels around me and outside my zipcode, definitely know that the America they've grown up in and love, is not the same nation anymore. My only hope is that whatever minor steps I may have taken laying 'drive-by' Red Pill seeds along the way, once they do wake up, they know exactly whom the culprits are, and be clear on what they themselves decide would be a peaceful solution.

With Kokesh's march, I personally too feel it's the Right TIME, but wrong timing. - if that makes any sense; I'm just not sure if we have enough critical mass of awakened citizenry. In my most innocently optimistic days, I hope (for whatever that's worth) it's at least 30million Americans. On my most ridiculously lofty daydreams, hope it's 35% of the 310million Americans! .o(

That said, who knows, with the march, we may finally get a more accurate sense of the current zeitgeist and vox populi of the actual, probable number of Liberty Remnants in this country.

Regardless, it's certain that Adam's going through with it. Even if one disagrees with him, his tact, timing, etc. it's imperative that all who love liberty stand FIRMLY against ANY initiation of violence by the State/the Leviathan & its dutiful lapdog douchebags against Adam or ANY of the attendees, onlookers/spectators, citizen journalists, and along with anyone who will be present.

I'd say for everyone's safety, for those who plan on attending, please have multiple cameras, get to know your equipment so you can quickly upload and send vids up to 'Cloud' have backup data storage methods in check, have your favorite lawyers and bail-bondsmen ready, and if you are attending, take 20 of your best buddies with you to the event; be clear of the consequences, pray heavy, remain as calm and cool as possible, be vigilant and simply EXPECT agent provocateurs, COINTEL and copthugs to act irrational and violent.

But please, please, please, have a clear vision of what you personally want the event to be: I pray PEACE is the only word in your hearts.

Stay safe, and only history will know what the day will become: just another 'uneventful' protest in DC that MSM & the Ruling Class lunatics ignore, like Adam's previous Vets4RP March@DC, or not to mention the 2 million+ march against the Iraq war.

Or, indeed, it can truly turn out to be a historic event, that marks the beginning of something good, where all subsequent events will be marked as Pre-Armed DC March, and Post-Armed DC March.

Lexington-Concord, or a Hot-Dogs and BBQ? Or something in between: Who knows?

Stay tuned...

PS. Oh, and if 'legal' in DC (as with the march itself, you take FULL responsibility for the consequences and 'legality' of whatever gear/loadout you'll have on you), please do consider wearing both front and back SAPI plate/armor carrier, or the much cheaper AR500 alternative, and/or at least Level IIIa ballistic armor (though preferably Lev.3 and up).

just in case...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul