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So Hannity's a Twinkie.

I get it. So does everybody else here at the Daily Paul. But hey, Ben Swann is steamed broccoli. Brian Middleton served a plate with steamed broccoli and a Twinkie. I ate the broccoli, yum-yum, thanks Brian! I didn't eat the Twinkie. Tonym, if your trying to ban Twinkies from the shelves [censorship] then I'm a bit curious in what attracted you to a site dedicated to Ron Paul. If you are "trying to help people realize that Twinkies are terribly unhealthy", it can be mighty handy to actually have a Twinkie at hand so that people can know what the hell you're talking about. During an attempt to help my kids realize that intravenously administered drugs are terribly unhealthy, I showed them a medical syringe. Do I need to explain to you why I did that?

Back to Hannity [and/or Beck]... Teach people what you know. What do you know? That Hannity is an evil enemy? No one [that needs to be convinced] will take you seriously ...until... until you teach them what you REALLY know... that thing you discovered just before you deemed Hannity to be an enemy... how to spot that moment when he veers from the road of sanity onto dumpster alley.

Would you rather help people think better for themselves or just take your word for everything? Personally, I find there to be more success in watching an episode of Hannity with an ignorant friend [even as squeemish and uncomfortable as Hannity makes me] and sharing analysis, than just blurting to my ignorant friend, "Hannity's an idiot*! Trust me!" The latter technique leaves my friend no less ignorant.

*idiot, evil propagandist, enemy, twinkie, whatever...[your choice]

I didn't come to see Hannity and Beck as enemies because someone got in my face and called them douchebags. Did you? No, my opinions came from my exposure to them.

One aspect I've endlessly enjoyed about watching Ron Paul is seeing how he treats others [including those in MSM]. He's been demonized by many of these "ENEMY"s, but I've never seen or heard him demonize any of these people. I've never heard him demonize anyone. That is "THEIR" tactic. It is also their tactic to have "ENEMY"s.

Your enemy is your god.

All I see going on here is your treating Hannity, Matthews, and Beck as gods.

I don't serve Twinkies. I don't think Brian really serves Twinkies either [maybe as a garnish - to make the other food look better]. He serves a mean broccoli though!