Comment: Suggest trade school, instead.

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Suggest trade school, instead.

I spent four years in the Air Force in telecommunications operations; when I got out, I could not find a job in that field. I spent nearly seven years in the Navy in electronics. When I got out, integrated circuits had replaced tubes and transistors. Had I not been been one of the few trained in computers, I could not have found a job. Tell him to imagine how much worse his opportunities will be if he is not assigned a technical specialty; but, instead becomes "cannon-fodder".

Find out where his interests lie, then suggest he act on them. Mechanics, plumbers, barbers, law enforcement, firefighters, medical professionals and cooks can always find a job somewhere and pretty much live anywhere they want.

The only opportunities he will likely find in the US Army are to be killed, maimed or driven insane. However, retirement is pretty good, if you live to collect it.