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fact, not a myth

I was personally told, if I was indigent i'd get a 425k procedure free. At the time I was active duty military and was denied treatment by a civilian hospital. Long story short... was overseas, medevaced to the states, special processure at private hospital, hospital had contract with stateside Tricare (active duty federal gov military insurance) but not "Tricare Overseas". Meeting was called while I was dying and they told me if I didn't have a job my procedure would be free and most people just quit their job to qualify. Of course, I was under a contract and they don't take lightly to quitting. Anyway the paperwork was fixed by the military. But point being, medical is free for poor and incentive to quit your job is strong. Total bill for my 2 year stay was about 5 million but gov insurance stiffed the Hospital and only paid about 600k. Even uppermiddle class would and do quit their careers instead of paying 5 million. The sadly only reason its 5 million is b/c gov is screwing over the hospitals via gov employees, military, medicare, medicaid, indigent, etc.. I started asking around. Hospital guys I had met in the meeting later told me its illegal for hospitals to ask about insurance and legal status when entering emergency room. So technically, they said if I was illegal with no insurance went to emergency room never voluteered my name, legal status, insurance info and didn't sign paperwork I would not be responsible for any future payments but I'd get treated. And they would be under threat of legal action if I wasn't treated or received poor treatment.