Comment: Sorry to hear about your fur child...

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Sorry to hear about your fur child...

I'm sure you gave her a wonderful, loving life. Nothing I can say can alleviate your grief, and I still tear up just thinking of my Tumps, who passed over the rainbow 2 yrs ago, an only spoiled furchild for 12 years (rescue cat at age 3),

I would make one appeal to you and other animal lovers; if you're not ready to adopt yet, please consider joining your local foster network. It's so rewarding to know that you've saved lives, and that they were able to transition on to wonderful loving furrever homes because you cared enough to DO SOMETHING about it.

If you can't foster, than consider pledging to pay for adoption fees for those that do step forward to adopt. It helps them a lot.

If you cant foster or pledge donations, then please become part of the social network among rescuers, sharing helps saves lives!

I'm in the Tampa, Fl area and I have successfully fostered kittens rescued from the Euthanize List. (I have two gray tabby siblings available for adoption now; Tony and Robert - so fun and cute at 8 weeks old) Here's a link to just one volunteer rescue fb page created by people who care and make a difference every day! I hope this inspires others to do the same where they live.

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