Comment: Natural rights

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Natural rights

Does that include the right to private property?
Is the US of A private property in which shares are owned by US of A citizens?
Do I have the right to elect a politician who will make you pay more taxes for a smaller share of the US of A? At the same time give free shares away to law breakers and those who most likely will vote to continue the cycle of theft and give aways?
We already give away citizenship to about 1 mil/yr legal immigrants. And have Visa programs for worker, students and travelers. Heck we don't even require visas for many 1st world countries, just passports. Are we required to give 11-20 million in one year plus 30-50 million of their family members? This immigration bill is going to produce about 70 million new citizens in just a few years. I don't think most people understand that fact.
Long term goal of open borders is a great idea. A one world language and one currency would make things easier on paper too. Also no weapons on the planet. But I'm not giving up my gun first. I'm not willing to give up my border to bring about a one world government. I'll only give up my border for a world with NO gov. It's a big difference and as a libertian I hope you understand it.