Comment: I enjoy reading crazy things

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I enjoy reading crazy things

I enjoy reading crazy things like this sometimes when I need a break from all the crazy tyranny though I myself wouldnt post it here.
While I do think that people see things in the sky(though I am sure 90-95% can be discounted as people confusing objects for something commonplace and just plain crazy people or liars there is still that intriguing 5-10% of reports) I certainly do not believe they are aliens from another planet or dimension. You will see in a surprising number of reports that they are described as producing no sound while moving at very high speed performing impossible aerialanuevers. The basic science of the matter is that anything that is truly present in the air moving at a high or even moderate amount of speed will displace the air around it...displaced air ALWAYS makes noise, take the example of a helicopter with its quickly spinning blades, there is a reason its called a chopper. In the case of massive acceleration if an object were truly present there would be a sonic boom. The point being that physical objects make noise when moving through the air...NO EXCEPTIONS. You know what doesnt though? You know what can perform impossible aerial manuevers without crushing any occupants? Light...plain and can duplicate the actions of a UFO with a laser pointer. Obviously to project something in the sky would require something closer to a hologram, but the idea is the same. I wont speculate as to who or what is projecting these things...but my belief is that they are projections and not extraterrestial visitors of any sort.