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I too am a Born Again, Jesus loving Christian, and I follow the Lord's admonition in Gen. 12:3 to support Israel.

I get a lot of people that subscribe to my show because I am against just about everything Obama, and Bush before him, have done to this country. I came out against the Iraq War in 2007 when it became obvious that there was never a reason to go to war in the first place. Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 and had disposed of his WMDs (by giving them to Syria) years earlier. The blood of every one of my brother and sisters who died in that war is on Bush's hands, not to mention the 1 million Iraqis that have been killed as a result of the war and the internecine conflicts it set loose.

But then when I produce an episode that has something positive to say about Israel, and is negative towards Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Iranians, those formerly "loyal" viewers become the most vile, hateful trolls you could ever think of. Think Sharkbreath X100. LOL, I think it's comical.

People think they are "awake," but they fail to realize that they are doing exactly what "TPTB" - Satan - wants; to hate Israel. A lot of those people are atheists too. I find it very ironic that in hating Israel for no good reason they are in fact fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

Expect to see more as time progresses.

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.