Comment: so Ron Paul is 100% in Adam Kokesh's corner?

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so Ron Paul is 100% in Adam Kokesh's corner? we need to be TOLD anymore that criminals run our government, and they plan on destroying America?, or that we're drawing our last breath as we're being enveloped into the anti-Christ one world system headquartered in Jerusalem?

I can't help it bring up that I heard Kucinich once listed 38 accounts of treason once, and Dr. Paul thought it was too radical. I can't help it mention James Trafficant not backing down regarding his sentiments about who is pulling the strings. We're still in the shadows of exponentially worse.Nixonian scandals, and ANY Congressman who dares act like a man or a patriot making a move against this rouge regime will suffer a personal Mossad attack; and they live in FEAR of that....

Not trashing on the man, just lamenting that we're still sterilized in "bitch" mode; the only "solution" on the table is provoking another Kent State behind an atheist!

Who will do "the right thing", or is it too late? Are we all going to abdicate our role so we can all become Alexander Solzhenitsyn's writing our recollections of Ron Paul's words from a prison cell?

The communist revolution is complete; the dictator took office in January....we're being lulled back to sleep having our concerns/fears acknowledged by a leader who will never be in a position of political power to impede or slow down this death march.

This "hope" is no longer as tangible as it once was....inaction against criminals, as a COLLECTIVE, is our demise. When Cyprus happens to the neo-cons we've been trying to save from the fire, it will be too late; every last.Congressman needs 20,000 letters from individual constituents saying "start impeachment NOW", and the Kokesh crowd needs to pursue the LEGAL route.of drafting some notice/intent to indict, or a grand jury summons naming the criminals and their crimes.

Since 9/11 on, since.Roosevelt's first executive action to advance us towards global government, since silver was demonetized.....we've lacked the COURAGE to "throw off" the tyrants; and now we're doing mental masturbation telling ourselves we're right, and they're wrong and evil. No Creator, no justice...period...this is a Godless, mixed movement.of confusion...not decisive at all it seems....just "hopeful" elusive emotion that must be transformed into ACTION, legal peaceful action preferably; that only a transcendent power can cause to happen, but He is not welcome here.

We're going the way of the global Babylon, every man chasing after the beast....satan is the MASTER counterfeiter; the wimpy man behind the curtain, yes - but man is also rebellious, and refuses reproof, knowledge, understanding, and just won't bend that the slide continues....what is man, without the Spirit of God in him, what good can he do?

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Monsanto bad, Lindsey Graham bad, Obama bad, Benghazi impeachable and on and on and on and on it goes, we feel outrage and grief as evil marches on....but we won't accept our spiritual condition, nor the Great Story, that in Adam's fall WE sinned all!

behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation the Gospel invite stands, unto all men's a personal.and individual decision; and running short....