Comment: 'New' national security and counter-terrorism!

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'New' national security and counter-terrorism!

What?!! now we are no longer the world's police? Well, in that case, maybe we now get down to business, fixing USA! Bring troops home, what an idea. Crush the Patriot Act's DHS into oblivion, that would be great. Find and arrest 'terrorists' for the brainwashed criminals they really are, Wow. Use police and intel to get 'em, that's a way to go... break the back of backlash, do a genuine 9/11 investigation, fund LENR clean energy, ban the FDA, reinvigorate a free press, and surgically cut off the FED printing interest bearing loaded paper notes that have in 100 years sopped up 95 cents of every dollar over to those who own it. If the Pres is watching the polls, and heartbeat of Americans, such things might happen. However congressional inertia and entrenched-resistance lobbying, pushing military use against never ending terror threats, dominates the nation's actions. This influence is more powerful at this point in time. But the times, they are a-changing.