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Say what?

I'm puzzled by this idea of entitlement based on a name many other people own because their mothers gave it to them.

I'm puzzled by the idea that someone is not a fan because they don't GIFT someone with their labor and possessions.

You mean to tell me that if I am a fan of purplefetus, who has a campaign staff being paid MILLIONS of dollars, and I buy a car, modify it, put it in car shows, which is costing me, and purplefetus KNOWS all about what I am doing because I am promoting purplefetus' message, and purplefetus does nothing about it, that when purplefetus decides that purplefetus wants the car I bought, I built, I promoted, which helped purplefetus, I should give purplefetus the car on demand because purplefetus wants it?

Purplefetus paid a staff millions... seems to me, while I may be a fan of purplefetus, purplefetus sees me as a chump, has NO appreciation for what I did, wants to say I'm worthless.. because I want to get SOME of the money I invested returned.

WTF does purplefetus think he is? Oh.. purplefetus is going to show me.. take me to international court because purplefetus' message is LEAVE IT TO THE STATES TO DECIDE, FREE MARKET, DOWN WITH UN, DOWN WITH GOVERNMENT FORCE.

I don't think or are irrelevant.. they both stand to prove RPs message was pie in the sky.