Comment: Perhaps pure Libertarians such as myself...

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Perhaps pure Libertarians such as myself...

I realize this line of thought is not new, and that many generations of Liberty Lovers have come before the 2007 revolution... but please indulge me...

Perhaps pure Libertarians such as myself have taken the wrong point of view on Rand and other Constitutional Conservatives (full disclosure: I was a const. conservative pre-2006).

It seems to me the general frustrations which a lot of the "old guard" Ron Paul and Libertarian activists are feeling come from a place of having fought a hard fight, all the while their efforts have been ignored/suppressed/mocked/marginalized & attacked. We've been shut out of two election cycles and given no voice.

Now all of a sudden many of "our" issues are ok to talk about and are being accepted, as long as it comes from this new Republican 2.0 crowd and not from us. It is easy to view the Tea Party/Rand Paul new wave which has come to the Daily Paul and other places which were once "ours" , as largely not having recognized the hard work we libertarian types have done to bring the issues we have in common to light within the "mainstream". And because of the history of blackouts and shutouts (even physical violence at caucuses), we don't like seeing "compromised" versions of our political view, we feel our message has been hijacked.

The BIG problem with this mindset is simply that "WE" do not own these issues, this cause, or even this movement. Our coalition grew out of a respect of other points of view and an intellectual dedication to the rational consistency which Ron Paul laid out in his many books, speeches, and political career.

While from our point of view, many conservatives and Tea-Partiers are not as open intellectually and have no problem calling us kooks and weirdos without getting to the core of WHY we think the way we do. This is a point of view more motivated by faith in dogma than by a consistent principle (or so WE think).

So we all bitch and argue and fight. It seems to me, we radical libertarian types ought to sit back and applaud what we can agree with, have productive discussions about why we do support the things we have in common with constitutional conservatives, and accept the things we don't respectfully... (that doesn't mean having to shut up, it means asking meaningful questions instead of insisting on our way).

On the other hand, any constitutional conservatives reading this should be respectful to us too, and hold those accountable in your circles who are not.

Let both sides put an end to anger and forceful dogmatic shouting matches. I am guilty of snarky remarks, which were intended to be bold intellectual assertions but were too aggressive to be of any good.

I care more about peace and understanding than I do about "getting my way", and so I am going to try to be more consistently calm & intellectual. Anyone want to join me in this effort?