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Consumption is no virtue

First of all, consumers do not win in our "capitalistic" society otherwise we would not have $150 cable TV bills, and a culture of "junk food", and total pre-fabricated crap for TV progamming, and marketing gimmicks and lip-syncing for "Music Stars" ... instead of real talent.

Marketing = Lies

Never forget that. Second of all, we the workers do not win in this Country either, as 25% of children now live in poverty, we have low wages, declining benefits, fewer holidays, elimination of overtime pay, and our jobs are shipped overseas (in search of even cheaper labor). All of these things make sense from the standpoint of Company Porfits. But it completely destroys the whole quality of life for Americans.

Finally, consumers have no power. Wall Street and Mass-Marketeers and Monopolies have all the power in this Country. So the question is why did these Corporations get so much power? Answer: Because they seek more money, and in some cases they bribed the government to help them. Well, why did they choose to bribe the government and pursue that devious path? Answer: Because a For-Profit system is all based upon zero concerns for humanity, and just bottom-line matters such as increasing profits, expanding market share until you control it all, hostile takeovers, and ultimately creating a Monopoly.

Nobody wins in the Corporate Aristocracy anymore than they do in a Government Dictatorship. But a for-profit system will always produce this development and this corruption, because money is the master and all human implications and concerns are tossed aside.

But don't take my word for it. The Apple CEO said: "We have no obligation to the public interest." And that will always be the case.....