Comment: Not once did rand mention IRIS SCANS and Fingerprinting

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Not once did rand mention IRIS SCANS and Fingerprinting

Not once did rand mention IRIS scans and fingerprinting and other provisions in this bill.

It is the job of the elected to DEFEND and PROTECT our Natural-Born/God-Given Rights outlined by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

Many of you have become so eager to compromise more Rights away just to claim a win. How dare you, when we only recently had the momentum to affect the change that we seek, and hold ALL politicians accountable. It is interesting to me that I battled the same mentality, and still do even today, when speaking with those who insist that romney would have been an outstanding and honorable president.

I hope that my down votes soar in this thread. Then it will be known to the true r3VOLution that have left or taken a break that infiltraitors have diligently and finally taken over this board.

rand has done some really good things, as is to be expected from ALL politicians. But he has done some lousy horrible things that shut me off completely, this is without a single doubt another one of them.

I voted this thread DOWN.

I hope that GANG of EIGHT works out for you.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul