Comment: 1788... 1868, that's still 80 years... isn't it?

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1788... 1868, that's still 80 years... isn't it?

Hmmm... Of course the "secret" aspect can always make one nervous, but I was mainly referring to Griffin's view on the historical context of debates of 1776, not 1788.

Besides, the 14th Amendment only came in 1868, History had plenty of opportunities to not follow the same course between 1788 and 1868. I see no evidence the founders and authors of the U.S. Constitution articles had anything even remotely ressembling to the 14A's extent in mind, by the late 1780s already. For what is to be put on account of 1868 and on, let's not lose sight that's a 80 years gap, even counting from 1788.

That looks like an entire lifetime-sized gap, to me.

Griffin's remarks, if not 100% valid, are at least still relevant and worth of interest, in that early 1780s context, IMO.

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