Comment: How about Dr. King?

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How about Dr. King?

Dr Martin L. King I think knew exactly what he was talking about when he said: "When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered."


I'm not sure how you can claim that Capitalism is only about "just profits", and plunder for the benefit of for-profit entities is not also Capitalism as well. Both arise from the root motive of making profits and the naked pursuit of money (to the exclusion of other concerns).

There is no altruistic profit motive. A profit motive is by its very definition clearly a selfish pursuit, and one that creates selfish results ... i.e., 1) the private desire for Monopolies, 2) the desire to move our jobs overseas ans screw workers because it's cheaper, 3) the desire to deceive people with marketing gimmicks and false advertising, and 4) the desire to litter up the Countryside with sleazy advertisements everywhere that you look, etc..

Secondly, Money is never "sound" if it is something that the Rothschilds and the International Banksters and the Central Banks own and control most of (and can manipulate in any way -- which includes gold). All money is simply an exchange medium, and it is the amount of SUPPLY rather than the form itself that determines whether it will diminish in value. But the fix for the monetary problems are a separate discussion here.

Finally, I don't defend a "big state". But what we have is a big Corporate-Rule-State, with Corporate-Wars, and Wall-Street initiated corruption (including the inhabiting of the public government and perverting all the laws to benefit these Oligarchs). All of this arises from a system that made "money" the King of our existence, and banished away all common human concerns to just strangled, powerless cries from the wilderness.

Unlike the 1980s Wall-Street movie, "greed is not good". But this is exactly what a for-profit system creates and instructs us how to live out our lives. Everything has a price tag, anything can be bought and sold, and we've even come to the day when ... water (our life force) ... has a price tag, and someday even the air that we breath.

That is a sad commentary on what we've done to ourselves, and the planet.