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Make your case...

Argue and appeal to us, but please don't draw lines in the sand. In both presidential campaigns, Ron Paul held back certain information on certain issues when he debated or gave interviews. I assume he did this to reach out to people with his core message and not marginalize himself in their eyes.

I certainly don't agree with many of the actions and stances Rand has taken, but that doesn't mean I go around openly denouncing him either. It is possible to support independent issues and actions, support isn't a all on or all off switch we should have to throw.

This all in or all out support trigger is, I believe, a remanent of the "Two Party Mind-&#!%" bouncing around in every American's brain.

Should Rand be "held accountable" for his positions which fly in the face of the rEVOLution? Sure absolutely, we should all challenge one another intellectually and be made to explain our positions. If in the end Rand just doesn't see eye to eye with me or you so be it. Lets get a man or woman into office who does. Lets also appeal to people here through calm and well reasoned arguments, one mind and heart at a time.