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MONTANA spraying--yes

It's happening FREQUENTLY, and it is quite distressing. The Local Weatherman does not deny it and said at a meeting and brought this up, and he said they "laughed at him". Some of the air traffic controllers are in denial. Very sad and helpless to do anything...just pass the word big-time is all I gotta say----tell everyone when it's happening to look up & to google it.

The GULF OF MEXICO is ruined with deformed shrimp, etc. JAPAN is partially ruined, along with the contaminated nuclear waste in the ocean, and the BP OIL spill with Obama ruining the ocean with dispersants poison--a completely unnecessary action! Obama refused help with oil-sucking tanks from other countries, so generously offered. THAT WAS IMPEACHABLE, IMO!

All these incidents, and this White House puts themselves on a pedestal to the world that they care about our environment. Not!