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Comment: Well, thanks for sharing. But...

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Well, thanks for sharing. But...

Well, thanks for sharing.

But if the point you're trying to make is about the moral hazards that can follow from allowing taxation in the first place, you're only preaching to the choir, on this end (as the OP).

However, what I tried to point out, after Rothbard seemingly, is all about an even weaker assumption leading to a stronger conclusion:

for, even if one allows, say, just one limited form of taxation ever, we are nevertheless confronted with an unavoidable assessment to make.

That which is, such wealth lawfully abandoned by the people to the state (for whatever rationale of a so-called "general public interest") CANNOT, by any means, be reutilized and leveraged as a supposedly EXTENSIBLE credit reckoned to the state.

In other words (paraphrasing my post again):

whatever is ABANDONED by the people to the state to fund whichever public project (whether by people's time, energy, or money) is INDEFINITELY UNRECOVERABLE, once obtained - by the state - and by definition of NON-EXTENSIBLE credit, CANNOT be further used to justify INCREASED taxation to be repaid later on.

I argue that the only form of NON-EXTENSIBLE, credit that the state has, is, at best, the legitimacy of using a FORCE that the people granted to it, for the sake of rendering justice and protecting the universality of applying just laws - those laws only meant to allow the rendering of justice, precisely, in regard to the individual's inalienable rights of life, free speech, association, and assembly, and private property.

For the state cannot repay anything it takes and consumes totally, immediately, as early as from the very first second that has been granted / abandoned to it by the people.

You cannot claim for a DEBT be reckoned, i.e., any EXTENSIBLE amount of temporal and material credit, if you are incapable of providing any evidence you can EVER repay it (with or without interests), in any foreseeable and tangible form of value.


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