Comment: There are more productive ways of rebelling than this, IMO.

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There are more productive ways of rebelling than this, IMO.

As I said before, this march/demonstration/rebellion may get a lot of people killed needlessly. This is like forcing a confrontation with the government, but in this case in their own backyard. Kokesh has announced this march to the world, and the government has over a month to come up with a plan to undermine and sabotage this event with either an agent provocateur from within or a sniper from without. It wouldn't take much to start some shooting. My point is why knowingly walk right into an obvious situation fraught with danger. I would personally prefer to buy another weapon or more ammo with travel costs to the march.
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson

I believe that Jefferson was talking about different circumstances than an armed march on Washington, D.C. I appreciate the points that you have raised and people should do what they think is right of course. This petition was for providing an alternative point of view about this event. People have already decided what they are going to do from the vote count.