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I agree.

I agree.

We ought to strike at THE ROOTS of evil, not at the branches.

We are all corruptible or potential free riders.

This is normal. We are humans. Some will use only if they need. Others, always, will try to abuse. Let us blame THE FLAWED, UNJUST SYSTEM, then. Not those coincidental abusers of it.

Peter Schiff, himself, HAS BEEN a free rider, as he recalled HIMSELF :

(fast forward at minute 41)

GET RID of the incentives for takers or free riders.

Let the people WORK and TRADE the way they wish.

Let the people SPEND the way they wish.

Let the people BUY from WHOM they wish. This won't have to be from big corporate FORCED ON THEM.

Let the people NOT EVEN USE BANKS if they so wish.

Let the people TAKE THEIR OWN RISKS.

Let the people PAY FOR THEIR OWN INSURANCE when, if and only if they so wish.

For all that:

Let the people KEEP ALL THEIR INCOME so they can SAVE for THEIR OWN retirement, and not for other's.

And I regard it as orthogonal to any and all immigration issues, otherwise. Because this ought to be the same fair principles for citizens already.

Thus far, the socialists, and their fascists chiefs, all over the place on this planet, are still "winning" the argument and shoving their plunder in everybody's throats.

Until we won't be able to take it any longer.


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