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WOW. And thank you for your heartfelt response.

There are other scriptural quotes which convicted me too, such as the proverb about harsh words delivered are like bows from an arrow...they can not be retracted.

Wisdom from the ages.

Then there is the maxim: "Don't let the sun go down upon your wrath."

All apropos to me and made me feel so bad I was trying to seek you out but could not email you so I was delighted when you posted me with that nice apology.

Where Adam Kokesh is concerned....another thing that might scare you (but sometimes we have to face our fears!) that AK is an atheist. (But then again, so was Ayn Rand).

The bottom line as Christians (even though I am more of a libertine and an Episcopalian)...the ULTIMATE maxim is to "JUDGE NOT."

With Adam will know him by his fruits....and I watched how he has treated people in interviews in the the Occupy Wall Street phenomena of Oct 2011 (when I first started watching him)...and he was SOCRATES incarnate. He never disrespected people. Always gave them a voice. Much like Jesus Christ, himself...who often brilliantly employed the Socratic Method.

Adam Kokesh...for all of his rough edges...was the guy that turned this ex-neocon onto the ideas of Ron Paul.

You shouldn't be scared of libertines and semi-anarchists like Adam and me. Rather...the real ones to stand up to and fight...are the statist totalitarian authoritarian LIAR "leaders" that use any ruse, democrat or republican, communist or fascist, collectivist or statist, to advance their agenda.

Adam Kokesh is more like you than you may realize. He, like you, wants his freedom...NOT to be infringed by any one else.

OH...and BTW...Adam is a veteran of the Iraq War and led a march of Veterans for Ron Paul where they marched in DC, turned their back on Obama, and stood in silent salute for all of the Veteran suicide victims.

THIS IS POWERFUL. WATCH with earphones. That march of Veterans was organized by the young Adam Kokesh. Towards the end...the videographer fuses the Veterans March with the ending scene of the groundbreaking anti-fascism film, V for Vendetta.

Please don't be afraid. Adam is on YOUR side.

Memorial Day blessings to you....and thanks for the upvote. Please, bother me any time!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.