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They owe her $300,000 buddy!

They owe her $300,000 buddy! If I haven't committed a crime, then you have no right to stop me. She already called the 911 operator and asked if there was an emergency, he said there was not. So once again I ask, what reason do they have to stop her? Just because there's a law doesn't mean you have to follow it, right!? If a law is unconstitutional, it's not a law and you don't have to follow it! That comes from our beautiful constitution and im smiling while I'm writing this right You have no power over me! A cop can't do anything to me, that I can't do to him! Plain n simple!!! For example let's say I see a cop and he's whooping your $ss, I have a right to go over to the cop, whoop his $ss and then arrest him! We're all equal man, that's the way the founding fathers wanted it.

juan maldonado