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That is all straight out

of Black's Law dictionary and government style manuals. Of course it's hard to read because 95% of the text is straight out of stupid doublespeak legal dictionaries. I really love how quoting straight out of Black's Law Dictionary (which you suggested and recommended) using exact text citing all sources fails to prove anything. Are you a complete idiot or what? The actual text of a dictionary you want to use fails to prove anything?

Entity with an arbitrary bundle of rights deemed by men/Person = Man + Arbitrary Title/Status/Condition/Standing (ie. Capacity).

It's right there in Black's dictionary, a person is a man considered according to his rank in society. Straight out of the dam thing and that fails to prove? The only thing unproven is that your response has any sign of intelligence.

Atoms are building blocks of nature and men or Adam's as they are called using a Biblical reference are building blocks of society.

When an atom takes on a positive or negative charge it performs work governed by rules applicable to its charge. When a man takes on a capacity using a title, such as President/CEO/General/Private/Officer/Judge/Etc. his person performs work governed by rules applicable that capacity. Do you even call yourself an educated entity? This is pretty basic stuff here.

To further illustrate I am not having a conversation with intelligent life I will use your Assos computer remark:

Word Processor = Assos computer + Microsoft Office
Gaming Platform = Assos computer + Starcraft
Weapon = Assos computer + C4 Explosives

Microsoft Office, Starcraft, and explosives are all potential capacities of the Assos computer and when any one of them is in use it is governed by the rules applicable to each capacity which then determines whether it is functioning as a word processor, gaming platform, or weapon each thing possessing a bundle of rights. A word processor may possess the right to produce a document. A gaming platform may possess the right to entertain. A weapon may possess the right to injure. This is exactly how the domain of persons work.

Person = Man + Title of Judge
Person = Man + Title of General
Person = Man + Title of President
Person = Man + Title of Citizen

The persons illustrated above each possess their own bundle of rights and/or privileges determined by the title used or employed by a man.

When you go to school get back to me ... I already stated I do not have the patience for useful idiots who would try to blow smoke up my ass.