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It wasn't a huge shift for me.

I read David Friedman's book, The Machinery of Freedom, over twenty years ago, and his essay "Why Anarchy?" in that volume has always made perfect sense to me. Larken Rose gave me some very persuasive new arguments and insights, but that was icing on a cake that was already baked.

What do you mean by "to work", Michael? Larken correctly identifies a basic truth in our lives. I have no faith whatsoever in politics ever moving the world toward freedom -- but truth is powerful stuff. The more people who understand it, the harder it is to suppress. I figure that's worth working for.

Further thoughts: I don't think of voluntaryism or anarchism as some kind of "system" that can be imposed on the world. It's primarily an ethical concept, not a new kind of Authority or New World Order. Your life belongs to you as a matter of moral right, and no other person may -- morally -- deprive you of your life, justly acquired property, or restrict your freedom of action, unless you first violate someone else's equal rights to the same. In other words: no one has a right to boss you around or steal your stuff. "Anarchy" is one word for this principle. "Freedom" is another. Ya think?

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition,