Comment: Hold on a sec...I have to finish rolling my joint...

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Hold on a sec...I have to finish rolling my joint...

My fellow vet...if anyone needs to fire up a fatty it's you my friend. Why are you so upset at Adam? Think of him as your crazy Combat Veteran uncle that you still love and hope he's happy. I do. I don't watch his shows and all that stuff, BUT. I remember when he talked about how veterans stood for Ron Paul and how he made Ron Paul a theme at all of the gatherings and events and it was so awesome to see all of those vets marching in DC with Ron Paul banners....To me you are like (In a Valley Girl voice) "OMG..just look at him...he is such a disgrace to Ron Paul and to us straight laced, non-pot smoking libertarians who watch the brady bunch and never drink...OMG"...) Or something like that!!!

"replace Ron Paul as the leader of the liberty movement"...Dude..are you sure you ain't smoking something? Or maybe your thing is prescription pills? Has there been a movement here on DP to get Adam Kokesh elected for office? I missed it.

"allow the neocons to further depict his supporters as violent drug taking lunatics"
You mean those NEOCON authors of the PNAC document that have killed over 500,000 Iraqis, 5000 US Troops and over 100,000 US wounded in action? But god forbid people perceive Adam as violent.

" Both Adam and the neocons share a symbiotic relationship since they are desperately trying to destroy Ron Paul and Adam fulfills that purpose for them through his non-stop need to always be the center of attention"

Are you sure you aren't takin drugs?...positive? OK, I'll let you go on this statement. But to suggest that Adam Kokesh and his actions in anyway affect/effect Ron Paul's chances for what...2016? My are trippin.

"Did Adam have Ron Paul's best interest in mind with his attention whoring statements last year that he fantasizes about assassinating Mitt Romney? No, the story only got picked up by neocon media outlets like Buzzfeed, which is associated with the neocon Daily Beast, in an effort to damage Ron Paul's presidential campaign. "

I thought that was hilarious when Adam said that...(NOT THAT I WOULD EVER CONSIDER THAT MYSELF US SPY AGENCIES) What I thought was more interesting was declaration by Andrew Adler, the Publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times, where he wrote that article about assassinating Obama.
Atlanta Jewish newspaper calls for Obama assassination


Israel should send Mossad agents to assassinate President Barack Obama because of his anti-Israel policies, the owner of a US Jewish newspaper wrote in an article that drew widespread condemnation on Friday.

Andrew Adler, the publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times, wrote a column that appeared in his newspaper on January 13 in which he argued killing the president might be justified because he posed a threat to the Jewish state.

I personally don't think an armed march on DC is a good idea, but those crazy combat vets get a pass in my book. If they wanna run around the place with rifles on their shoulders and march...why not? Who is the victim? How does that hurt Ron? Relax my fellow Vet...puff puff pass.