Comment: "We Have To Drug Test"

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"We Have To Drug Test"

During the last two decades of the previous century I worked for a company that had a policy of pre-employment and "for cause" drug testing. The job was in Texas. Being a right to work state, the company had the right to make it a condition of employment. The program was accepted by all and the company functioned excellently.

At a later date the company decided to institute a policy of random drug testing. The company seemed to not want to lose any employees due to the program as it informed everyone that "in 30 days the testing would begin." While the change was presented as a safety issue, the company spokesman stated there was no reason to believe the job was unsafe because of drug use prior to the change.

It appeared the company was only interested in changing the off work behavior of the employees. When questioned about the need for the new policy the spokesman replied it was necessary because "a reasonably intelligent person could smoke marijuana every day and the company would not know it."