Comment: The so called founders

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The so called founders

The so called founders created the Federal Republic. But that republic was ended when the Southern states left the Union, resulting in a lack of quorum in Congress. Then a war was declared by a President of the dissolved Union, a president of no Constitutional authority as the Constitution cannot function without a quorum in Congress...

After the war the Union was "reconstructed" under the Reconstruction Acts. When something is destroyed and then reconstructed it may or MAY NOT be the same as the original.

In the case of the reconstrucition of the Union, it WAS NOT reconstructed same as the Original. This was a NEW Union, not the same as the old one. Under this New Union, the people were Citizens (owed allegiance to, under the jurisdiction...) of the Central government. Therefore this New Union is a Unitarian State, and a Representative Democracy not a Republic.

The real kicker is that so many think we still live under the Original Constitution, they read the Original Constitution and Bill of Rights, then they stop reading, even though the Reconstrucition FOLLOWS and changes what preceded it. And its all right there in the Constitution to be read, but you gotta read past the bill or rights...

So the answer to your question depends upon which founders you refer to, the founders in 1789 or the founders in 1868?

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