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I did make my case.

Without informing the American people, and instead making this bill sound like something that we can all agree and 'live' with, our Rights continue to be further eroded.

rand SHOULD have spoken out about this when he had the opportunity as he did with his filibuster, which allowed him to gain speed and respect. He did not. As long as 'chess' is being played, the American people learn NOTHING, and will continue to promote the duopoly that does exist. Furthermore, rand's position on sanctions, among other things, are contradictory to this movement. And if this movement is to continue and succeed, we must stand on principal, or all is for nothing.

So, the tv watching masses listened to rands speech above, know NOTHING about IRIS scans and fingerprinting, and the bill passes with flying colors.

Do as you wish. My line in the sand is drawn. I stand with no one, except with myself.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul