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race card...

Vet vs illegal? These are not arbitrary groups or tribes. One set of individuals signed individual contracts and took an oath to defend the Constitution. The other set of individuals chose to ignore the Constution and laws written under it.

A Vet served to protected liberty and an illegal eroded it.

I don't see where you get off calling people racist. Theres a difference between legal and illegal immigration. And the difference does not include race. Theres a diff between a Vet & an illegal and once again not racism.

Protectionism of constitutional laws? Interventionism of our own country? Nationalism as opposed to no nation? These are words with negative connotation but no meaning in this discussion. Protectionism is high import tariffs and/or no legal immigration. But almost everyone wants legal immigration. Interventionism most often means jumping into other countries internal affairs. We're talking about our country so it can't be interventionism. Less often used to describe regulating the economy. Legal immigration and work visas easily displace illegal immigration. There is no net effect positive or negative to the economy. Nationalism is a political ideology not the law of the land. You can individually believe in the USA or not or somewhere in the middle but you don't have a choice to ignore constitutional laws.